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Analysis of Iran’s 2021 Presidential Elections: How…

According to the official results of the2021 Iranian presidential election, Ebrahim Raeisi won the election by around 18 million votes. Raeisi received 72 percent of the vote among four candidates. Reportedly, 48 percent of Iranians voted in the election. Polls conducted by Stasis predicted participation rates of 43 percent. Stasis also predicted that Raeisi would win the election with 76 percent of the vote.

Ebrahim Raeisi Most Likely Win the Iran’s…

According to final Stasis’ poll, Ebrahim Raeisi win the 2021 Iranian presidential election. Around 76 percent of an Iranians Chose Mr. Raeisi, followed by Mohsen Rezaee (the former head of the Revolutionary Guard, 15%), Naser Hemati (the former head of the Central Bank, under Rouhani’s administration, 7%), and Amirhossein Ghazizadeh (2%)

Raeisi Continues to be ahead in Iran’s…

Ebrahim Raeisi keeps his lead as a frontrunner in the next Iranian presidential election. Sixty-two-four percent of the likely voters in the latest Stasis poll say that they will vote for Raeisi. The poll, also found that only approximately 32% of Iranian citizens will participate in the upcoming presidential election. Eleven percent of Iranians are undecided

Ebrahim Raeisi is a frontrunner in the…

Fifty-four percent of the likely voters in the latest Stasis poll say that they will vote for Raeisi, followed by Saeed Jalili, Naser Hemati and, Mohsen Rezaee




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